Past, present and future

IAS REGISTER AG – Glocal Compliance Service – is a Certification Body that operates worldwide as part of the assessment and certification of management systems, products-processes-services and people skills. These services are referred to as the main international standards (and of individual countries), which define the compliance requirements of organizations.

Its business is diversified into sectors ASSESSMENT, INSPECTION, KNOWLEDGE.

  • The DIVISION ASSESSMENT through the IAS REGISTER – Certification Body, which performs certification activities.
  • The DIVISION INSPECTION through the IAS INSPECTION – Inspection Body, which carries out the inspection of products-processes-services, notably in the Oil & Gas and Food areas.
  •  The IAS SCHOOL – International Compliance & Coaching Business School operates in the KNOWLEDGE area, which organizes training activities related to the topic of Compliance. This activity is especially focused on the culture of observance of the rules as a tool for the improvement of organizations, with the aim of maintaining continuity and business efficiency.

The IAS REGISTER AG was founded in 2004 by a group of and Italian and Swiss professional businessmen, which has gained a rich entrepreneurial and managerial experience over the years in the compliance of organizations and, more generally, in that of business management.

In the first nine years, the activity was focused mainly on certifications of management systems for Quality, Environment, Safety and certification of products and services, carried out by the Assessment Division through the IAS REGISTER.

Subsequently, starting from previous specific experience of the founders and managers of the IAS REGISTER, the Inspection Division was established, which through the IAS INSPECTION, focuses its actions on the activities of Inspection and Expediting in the Oil & Gas and Food sectors.

In 2013, the IAS SCHOOL – International Compliance & Coaching Business School was born through encounters with a few Italian managers and Swiss academics, who were active in issues of Compliance and immediately made it operational through training which took place in Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Tunisia.

Such a project is based on sharing, from the part of the founders, the important strategic plan that the Compliance performs and will perform always in a more consistent manner in the system of socio-economic relations between the profit and non-profit organizations, private or public, of any size and commodity related sector and communities of the different countries in the world.

On behalf of IAS REGISTER AG – Glocal Compliance Service – as of today, more than 60 professionals, divided between staff and business development, auditors, technical experts, inspectors and teacher trainers, operate and work here.

The current target market is mainly European, with clients and contacts in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The activities are developed in more than 10 countries and involve contractual relationships with more than 1500 companies and hundreds of trained people.