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Network Lavoro Etico

The Network of Ethics Labour is active in the diffusion of the issues and the management tools of Social Responsibility. The IAS Register AG is a technical member of the Network of Ethics Labour.


Energeticoaching is an innovative coaching and advanced training reality: human energy and validated methods to develop resources and achieve corporate and personal goals. The two founding partners have in fact integrated their skills and A. Lowen's vision of Bioenergetics in a new coaching approach. Ias International Compliance Business School with EnergetiCoaching is pleased to recognize and download to certify a new course to become a Relational Bioenergetic Coach. Registration and all information on the partnership can also be found online.

Consorzio CISI

Cisi Consortium is a non-profit organization, with the aim of promoting and enhancing Italian agri-food technology and technological excellence recognized throughout the world. It encourages the growth and competitiveness of companies operating in the agri-food sector by pursuing the goal of preserving and enhancing the quality and typical characteristics of the product.

Interesting Academy Platform

Interesting Academy Platform is the online course platform implemented for the Italian market by the Cisi Consortium and by IAS REGISTER AG. It offers training in e-learing for the areas of Health and Safety at Work, Environment, Administrative Responsibility of Bodies, Privacy and other specific issues relating to Italian and EU Regulatory Compliance.

ICN Network

ICN, International Compliance Network places at the center of its attention the qualification of the activities carried out by international legal entities that operate as Competent Bodies and/or as Third Party Bodies and/or as Qualified Training Bodies in the Regulatory Compliance sector. Currently among the members of ICN we include IAS Register AG, Q-AID Assessment & Certification S.r.l., Q-AID Inspection S.r.l.and Q-AID Europe.

Q-AID Assessment & Certification

By virtue of its membership in the ICN network, IAS Register AG has signed a framework agreement with the Italian certification body Q-AID Assessment & Certification S.r.l for the development of CE Conformity Certification activities. The agreement is limited to the marking service of steel structural components according to EN 1090 standards.

DAS Certification

IAS Register AG on 05/15/2023 entered into a general partnership agreement with the Iranian company DAS Certification, a NACI - National Accreditation Center of Iran accredited certification body, for the supply and joint and integrated development of certification services according to international standards on management systems, on products, processes and services, on the certification of people's skills and on inspection and training activities in the context of international regulatory compliance.

IAS REGISTER AG entertains various trade agreements with other Certification and Notified Bodies in order to integrate and join the supply its assessment and attestation conformity services in the different sectors and schemes in which it operates.

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