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The complexity and diversity of the rules are by now an element of which profit or non-profit organizations, private or public, of any country and market sector and of any size, should pay maximum attention to if they want to compete effectively and efficiently over the long term in the Global market.

The rules do not only cover organizations, but also the processes, products and services that these organizations must manage, produce or deliver; the rules are then also referred to the competence of the people working in the organizations to manage these processes, to carry out such products and deliver these services.


Organizations and people therefore operate continuously, in a more or less conscious way, in a real and proper Compliance World, characterized by a remarkable complexity and articulation, one that we could define as a type of systemic entropy, which must be properly and consistently managed.


The way in which we can define GLOCAL is very large, since the rules arise into normative global international contexts and must then be declared and managed under a local environment, in which organizations and people operate daily.


The “motto” that represents us, and which we propose to our customers is “Inside the Rules” : by this we mean the ability to acquire the knowledge that the correct and consistent administration of the rules is today a decisive and strategic factor.


The IAS REGISTER AG – Glocal Compliance Service – provides the appropriate competence to certify organizations and individuals and to encourage the dissemination of knowledge required to manage these rules correctly. It is proposed as an ACCREDITED QUALIFIED SUBJECT, through the provision of certification services, inspection and training delivered in full compliance with international standards governing the certification activities and people’s skills.


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