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Information about Certificates

IAS Register AG provides, on request, information about the status of validity of certificates issued in favor of its client Organizations; for this purpose, it is necessary to contact IAS Register AG providing:

  • data of the applicant;
  • reason for the request;
  • certificate number and certification scheme for which it forwards the request.

Anyhow, IAS Register AG publishes periodically logs of Certifications for which was raised a measure of Suspension or Revocation during the validity period allowed the origin of the same certificate (ed. In the register Revocation Certificates no records appear refer to Reports for which expiration of the expiration date stated on the Compliance Document issued, which therefore means Decayed).

The timing and terms of Suspension and Revocation procedures does not ensure that the log information is constantly updated, so IAS Register AG disclaims any responsibility for the direct use of such information, requesting to establish a direct contact to receive timely and official information about the state of Suspension or Revocation of certificates, as specified above.

A further verification of the validity status of the certifications issued by IAS REGISTER is the consultation of the global database “IAFCERTSEARCH” of Management System certifications, managed by IAF.
Thanks to this database, it is for the first time possible:

  • Check all the individual Management System certifications issued globally, in favor of any Organization;
  • View the list of all IAF accredited Certification Bodies;
  • View the list of all IAF Accredited Accreditation Bodies.